Icemart souvenirs

Icemart´s story begins in the village of Hvammstangi in North Iceland, as a small wool factory called Drífa. Operating with a staff of 30 people, the company produces woolen sweaters and other garments in traditional Icelandic patterns, selling them to retailers throughout the country. Under the slogan, “be warm be well,” much of the trade in traditional knitwear at this time focuses on the tourist market, through resellers. 

By 2003, recognizing its special appeal to international customers through Iceland’s tourism industry, Drífa will add a line of Icelandic souvenirs to its wholesale product line. Icemart is born, all clothing continues under the name Icewear.

In 2004 Drífa began collaborating with a Norwegian souvenir company that specialized in the design and production of popular gifts. It was through this collaboration that Drífa successfully introduced a series of new products that had never been seen before on the Icelandic market.

In time, Icemart took over the design and production of gifts and souvenirs. It´s existing storefront of over one thousand products are now all designed inhouse, in order to customize them as the most authentically Icelandic souvenirs on the market. Today, Icemart is a leading manufacturer and retailer of Icelandic souvenirs and gifts. 

Icewear has more than 14 stores around Iceland, including locations in Akureyri, Smaralind Shopping Center, and the Westman Islands. Its largest locations will be the store in Vík, Myrdalur (south of Iceland) and the 2200-square-metre downtown flagship store, Icewear Magasín, at Laugavegur 91. Icemart´s products are sold around the country in Icewear´s stores as well as online at